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Squadd is a package of additions for the Squirrel scripting language. It includes a unified stack manipulation interface and a class binding utility similar to the LuaBind and Boost::Python. It uses intensely C++ templates, Boost libraries and requires highly C++ conformant compiler.

It’s a tool designed to create a Squirrel’s port of the wxWidgets library.


This documentation describes the usage of a next version of Squadd. It doesn’t apply to Squadd 0.9x which has different API.


Temporary use the Squirrel’s forum: http://www.squirrel-lang.org/Forums/Embedding.


Currently, there’s no stable version of this library. I will continue work on Squadd when the Boost::Langbinding API will be exposed. The next version of Squadd will adopt its API, and - maybe - become a part of this generalized framework for binding C++ to other languages.

You can download two preview versions of Squadd from the Sourceforge project’s page: http://sourceforge.net/projects/squadd

2005 © Adam Dziendziel

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